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The #1 Way to Connect with Your Audience

You’ve always loved a good story … ever since you were two. And we all really love a classic redemption story. For me, personally and professionally, it goes beyond the basic human interest appeal. As a business coach and a speaker coach, I rely heavily on the redemption story to connect with people … to illustrate … to guide … to inspire.

Last month, in my Life Lessons newsletter, I wrote about Tiger Woods after his improbable victory at the Masters at age 43 … with a fused spine. How he lifted himself from the depths of despair to get his life, his body, and his game back in shape.

I got more feedback on that article than any I’ve ever gotten. (Thanks for your nice comments!)

So, what I want to do now is piggyback off that article and talk to you speakers and wanna-be speakers out there about how a well-chosen redemption story can help establish your credibility and get the audience to like you and really listen to you. And to help you make your essential point in a way only a story can.

How to Rise from the Depths of Despair

We witnessed quite a redemption story play out this weekend on national TV.

The flawed hero in our drama? Tiger Woods.

Bear with me here. You may not care about golf. I don’t care much about golf, but I love it when real life shines a light on truths I care very much about and provides me with inspiration. This story does just that.

Share the Magic of Your Vibration

As a life coach and the author of these Life Lessons every month, my eyes are always open for a meaningful message I can pass along to you. Often, that message comes from my personal experience.

This month, my experience was very much of the up-close-and- personal variety … and one I’ll never forget.

The Biggest Mistakes You Make with Your Fees

As a business coach, I talk with entrepreneurs everyday, helping them refine their processes, so they bring in more business, generate more income, and serve their clients to the very best of their ability.

And there are three mistakes I see person after person making on the fee front.

It’s Not What You Think It Is!

I want to pass along a profound life lesson I took away from a recent negative experience. The thing is, it’s gonna look, at first blush, like a business newsletter from a business coach … but it isn’t.

The One True Magic for Your Business

“The Lord helps those who help themselves.”
Aesop’s Fables

Hmmm … as a business coach, I want to parse that statement to see if we can find a gold nugget in there for you business owners.

It’s a simple idea. If you expect to catch the blessings ready to be showered upon you … if you want to receive the gifts you’ve asked for … it’s a good idea to hold out your hands.

What’s that mean?

It means you need to set a clear intention for what you want … like getting new clients and/or expanding your business.

Engage fully and do the work … take action … follow through … show determination and grit … and stay the course.

You have to do “the work.”

But note … this is a two-way deal.

Too many of us, myself included, have a tendency to think that the outcomes we get in life are totally dependent on how hard we try and how much time, money, and effort we pour into making things happen. I approached life like that for years!

But there’s something I’ve come to appreciate more and more.

What Does Santorini Have to Do with Your Happiness?

Ah, the Greek Isles … the whitewashed villages with the cerulean blue domes … the crystal clear sky with the sun beaming down.

Our Greek Islands cruise left out of Barcelona … with stops in Mallorca, Sicily, Mykonos, Rhodes, Athens, Santorini, and Malta.

Santorini was special. But, let me tell ya, the sun doesn’t always shine there.

Just One Change = A Big Payoff

It’s that time of year when people are crafting their resolutions for the New Year. We’re encouraged to write down our intentions … our vision … our goals for the coming year. I already have six newsletters in my email box prompting me to do just that. As a life and business coach, I work with clients everyday on their goals, intentions, and vision. And yet, when I look at those newsletters telling me what to do and how to do it, it just makes me tired!

How about you? Will you actually take the time to write down your goals and intentions? Some of you will. It fits your style and personality.

But many of you won’t. You’ll tuck it away as a good idea, but never take the time to sit down and write it all out!

What if I could make it easy for you? What if I could give you an exercise that’s valuable … one that’ll bring you results in the coming year … but only takes 5 – 10 minutes of your time?

You Can Make You Better

Don’t look now, but there goes 2018. That was quick. I don’t know about you, but the life of this business coach never really slowed down.

How well did you do with what you wanted to accomplish in your business this year?

If you came up short, don’t feel bad or beat yourself up about it. Most of us come up at least a little short much of the time, because we’re not perfect. We’re human.

And yet, this is a perfect time, during this holiday lull, to do some introspection and see where you might have undershot expectations, and more importantly, where you might make some fundamental changes that could seriously impact your performance in 2019.