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Life Lessons from My Elephant

When my friend asked me to go to a place called Elephantstay in Thailand, I thought it would be fun to get away, interact with elephants, and get some great photos.

What I didn’t bargain for was the profound impact this trip would have on me.

If you’d told me a giant elephant was going to teach me amazing life lessons, I never would have believed it.

Successful People Have Grit!

As a business coach, my primary responsibility is to help people succeed … not only to reach their goals, but to attain that level of personal satisfaction and meaning that comes from fulfilling their mission.

In this series of articles, we’re exploring the qualities and attributes that set you apart as a small business owner … the ones you absolutely must have … or develop … if you want to succeed in business!

Failure is an inevitable part of life. But, if it’s a given that we’ll all fail from time to time, what is it that separates the successful from the unsuccessful when the going gets rough?

This is What Happy People Do!

As a life coach, I often ask people what’s most important to them in their lives, and they tell me it’s other people they’re close to in some way … family, friends, life partners, folks who’ve been good to them.

And if you ask these same people if they regularly acknowledge these important people in their lives with an “I love you” or a “Thank you,” most would say, “Not often enough.”

Maybe it’s the same for you. It mostly is for me, although I’m getting much better at it.

But there are some people who make it a way of life to acknowledge, thank, and praise those they love and appreciate. And that acknowledgement, love, and praise comes right back to them, making them happy in return!

This Is What Makes the Difference

In my fifteen years as a business coach, working with thousands of small business owners on their business development and marketing strategy, I’ve seen it all.

From businesses that continue to grow and thrive year in and year out, all the way to businesses that never seem to get off the ground!

So what makes the difference?

How to Get Past Your Upset Quickly!

I woke up the other day and was just out of sorts.  You know, one of those days when you got up on the wrong side of the bed! My usual stretching and listening to something spiritually invigorating wasn’t making me feel better, so I went outside.

The day before, I’d hired our regular cleaning folks to do some extra work, which involved cleaning some deck furniture and covers with bleach.  I’d looked at their completed tasks, and they’d done a good job.  But when I walked outside the next morning, I discovered they’d splashed bleach on the front door, discoloring the paint at the bottom.  I showed Tom what happened and I actually started crying!

Yeah, I was frustrated, and even in the midst of the frustration, I knew the intensity of my reaction was over the top!

What’s going on?  As a life coach, I’m pretty self-aware and I couldn’t figure out why I was so upset!  Until …

You Can Do Business In The Easy Zone

You know how to make yourself miserable?

Take on too much, take on things you think you “should” do instead of things that feel right … and then struggle to get through it all.

How You Can Feel Better Now!

We were just on vacation in Cape Cod … an area of the country that’s been on my bucket list to see. Two full weeks. Ocean front. Made the reservations a year ago and been looking forward to it. Sounds glorious, doesn’t it?

Except for one thing. The crabby girl who was livin’ in my head when we first got there wasn’t appreciating the glory.

Let’s Get Real About What It Really Takes!

I got this in my mailbox recently. I’ve copied it verbatim.

“How To Easily, Quickly & Consistently Generate Enough Clients Every Month To Scale Your Coaching / Consulting Business From Zero To 6 & 7 Figures In 6 Weeks Or Less”

Really?   From zero to 6 & 7 figures or more in 6 weeks OR LESS!

7 figures is over a million dollars. 6 weeks is … well … 6 weeks.

Yeah, right.

You Need to Hit The Reset Button

I have to come clean.

In this month’s Business Insights newsletter we sent out a couple of weeks ago, I highlight three changes I’d made in my life that’d made a big difference in feeling less overwhelmed, more on top of things, and generally freer.

I’d decided to simply my life by taking on less.

I created some new boundaries to protect me from the overachiever, Type A, driven me.

And I gave myself more self-care time.

I was pretty proud of myself for making them. And everything was going great.

Well guess what?

Improve Your Life with 3 Simple Changes

Whoa. What’s this?

I looked at my list and realized I was actually caught up.

Stop the presses!

No big projects and deadlines looming.  Nothing weighing on me business-wise causing me undue stress.  I was just going along at a nice easy pace … enjoying the business coaching I was doing.

This is a most unusual experience for me.  All my life, I’ve been a Type A overachiever who prided myself on my productivity.

I’m the girl who was in charge of the largest outdoor street festival in the Southeast for several years in the 90’s.  

I’ve always been diligent.  I love my lists of priorities and I’m pretty darned good at managing them. But up till now, my tasks and projects have always been a bit overwhelming.

So what changed?  How did I get to this new and wonderful place where I’m not feeling overwhelmed and behind all the time?